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Packing Hacks I'm Using for My Trip to NYC FFFWeek

Jill Alexander

Packing Hacks from a fashion designer

I am just a week away from one of my favorite fashion events, Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City.  With a week full of activities and meetings, I’ve had to put a lot of thought into what I’m packing.

Since many of you are also traveling this time of year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips.

  1. The Three to One Rule:

When packing, as when shopping, I plan for three tops for every bottom.  Tops are smaller to pack and take up less space generally than a bottom.  Also, tops tend to soil easier than bottoms.  An outfit can look completely different with just a change of the top.  I’ll be bringing a pair of black capris, and silver jeggings as two of the bottoms to go with drapey ponchos and camisoles.


  1. No more than three pairs of shoes

One dressy pair, this year it will be a strappy metallic sandal.

One casual lower neutral heel.

One athletic shoe for workouts, walking, and tired feet. I’m bringing white converse to fill this need.


  1. I pack mostly wrinkle free items, but, if you have something that wrinkles easily, pack it in a Ziploc bag and remove all the air before sealing. Wrinkles require air.  I’ll be packing my silk maxi dress for the White Cruise this way just to protect it and keep it as neat as possible.


  1. There are two strategies I use for packing jewelry. First, small items like earrings and rings pack nicely into a weekly vitamin dispenser.  You know the one with the days of the week on each compartment?  While they’re never big enough to store my vitamins, they work well for small jewelry!  Second, longer necklaces, especially those that tangle easily should be rolled lengthwise in tissue, and then folded to prevent the chain from rubbing and knotting.


  1. When it comes to toiletries, there is a lesson I learned the hard way. On long trips, I like to bring my regular cleansers and moisturizers. If you’ve ever had one leak in a suitcase, you’ll love this tip from Buzzfeed.   Before you pack them, cut a square of plastic wrap, cover the bottle opening, and then replace the lid.  The plastic acts as a first barrier to prevent leaks.


  1. I am also a cotton swab fanatic. I use them for everything and hate when the tips rub and fray before I use them.  Using an old prescription bottle to store them prevents this from happening, and they fit perfectly.  This was a tip I picked up on good old Pintrest!


I hope my little tips help to make your packing go smoothly.  Stay tuned because I’ll be posting pics from all the fun activities at this amazing week in New York.  For tickets, or more information on Full Figured Fashion Week, click here.

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