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Dressing for your body shape isn't really as complicated as it sounds. Once you know the formula, you won't believe how simple it actually is.

To dress for your body type, start by identifying your body shape (e.g. apple, triangle/pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc.). Next, choose clothes that flatter your figure by accentuating your best features and balancing out proportions. For example, if you're not crazy about your midsection, wear high-waisted pants or skirts to elongate your legs and create a more defined waistline. Additionally, consider investing in well-fitting, comfortable undergarments . Remember, the key to dressing for your body type is to feel confident and comfortable in your clothes, so experiment with different styles and find what works best for you.

Below we've included a brief description of each of the main four shapes as well as a link to shop for the items that make your body look its best! This is only a guide. Remember if you normally wear something you love, and it's not included on our list, it doesn't matter. What you love to wear wins every time!
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The key to this shape is creating distinct top and bottom halves using separates. Tops that are fitted at the waist, while blousey, will give the illusion of a smaller waistline.  Wearing items that tie allows you to create different shapes on a rectangle and can draw the eye to emphasize your favorite features. 

How to dress your rectangle shape over 50.

Flowy bottoms and flared skirts that are fitted at the waist create balance as well as cropped sweaters and jackets creating horizontal proportion and defining the bust, waist and hips.  Use color and pattern to help divide the body into two segments.  The top segment should equal 1/3 of the overall length and the bottom component should be the remaining 2/3 so adjust your waistline accordingly.


The waist measurement on apple shaped bodies is generally the largest measurement with the bust and hip measurements coming in smaller.  The bust and hip measurements on apple shaped women will be close to the same. Whether you are a Missy apple shape, or a plus sized apple shape figure, the formula will be the same.  A-line anything, flaring from the armpit toward the hemline is a great profile for the apple shape.  Flowy on top and fitted on the bottom achieves balance, but, again, the flowy part has to graze the body. 


How to dress your apple shape over 40.

Things that are cut on the bias are also great for this shape because it creates a garment that takes girth from where you don't need it, and puts it where you do without looking clingy or feeling tight.  If you choose to wear a tunic, make sure it's cut higher in the center and hits above your knee.  If it hits your knee or below, it's a dress, wear it without pants underneath.

Shop Your Apple Shape Here



 The triangle shape generally has narrow shoulders.  The measurements on this shape gradually increase as they go down the body. The bust is the smallest measurement, followed by the waist, and then the hips are the widest measurement.  Generally speaking with this figure, the key is to balance the top and bottom halves.  Opening up the neckline draws the eye upward, elongating the body.


How to dress your triangle shape over 50.

Wearing things with an empire waist is another great way to lengthen and balance a triangle.   A wrap top or wrap dress tied under the bust achieves the same look.  Cropped tops and jackets over a longer silhouette really adds balance to the triangle figure. Fitted tee shirts ruched higher than the waistline with a billowy bottom creates a long look.  Drapey garments should graze the shape of this woman instead of standing away from the body.  When clothing doesn't touch the shape, you can end up missing all of the great features of this figure.

Shop Your Triangular Figure Here



The best way to tell if your shape is an hourglass is to take your measurements.  If your bust and hip measurement are the same or close to the same, and your waist is much smaller, these tips will work for you.  First, anything that wraps or ties around your waist is a must.  When you wear something more fitted at the waist, we get to see a silhouette.  Shape is good. 

Simple ways to dress your hourglass shape over 40.

 If you prefer something on the flowy side, make sure that it tapers in at the waist so that we can still see shape. V-neckline is a must for hourglass and any line that moves diagonally across the body is such a plus. Another rule about wearing something flowy, not just for hourglass, but, for every shape is: if it's flowy on the top, then it needs to be fitted on the bottom and vice versa.  Flowy + flowy = tent.  Don't do that to yourself, let us see you!


 Shop Your Hourglass Shape Here


Overall, if you don't love it, don't wear it! Women should wear what they love because it helps them feel confident and express their unique personalities. When you wear something that makes you happy, you radiate positive energy and that confidence can inspire others. Don't let anyone else's opinions or expectations hold you back from wearing what you love. Embrace your individuality and celebrate your personal style!


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  • Steph on

    I love these tips! Thank you Jill for helping me feel beautiful. Its something I struggle with everyday and all I see on my body are the things I don’t like. You’ve helped me to see all of the things I do like and I actually like getting dressed now.

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