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Hiding Your Light

JILL Alexander

She’s so sensitive…

I remember hearing my aunt say this to my Mom. I was 12, and very impressionable. I remember thinking it was a negative comment. Showing emotion was considered a weakness and having lack of self control. Over the years I would punish myself for showing my feelings and stuff them instead. I don’t really blame my aunt for her comment as she grew up in a different time, and probably didn’t know what to do with a personality like mine.

It took years to realize what a gift my sensitivity is. Having and showing empathy is a beautiful trait. The instinct to feel for others helps to spread love and compassion. To be moved to the point of outward expression is something to be celebrated, not hidden. It’s innate to who we are as humans.

Now, as a 55 year old woman, I believe my sensitivity is one of my best traits. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I’m not afraid to show it. Everything we’ve experienced in our lives has brought us to the moment we are in right now. Learning to love the things we once believed were imperfections is all part of this amazing journey. This is your reminder to give yourself a hug, and embrace those traits that make you, you. Happy Friday lovelies! #celebrateyou #sensitivityisastrength #empathlife #beyourselfalways #thisis55 #over50andfabulous

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  • Andrea on

    I love you my friend. Love your blog posts…..You are an inspiration to me.

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