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Keeping Your Cool in Summer Heat

Jill Alexander

I don't know about you, but, on a day where summer temperatures are even modest, I can run as warm as an oven on Thanksgiving Day.  Looking and feeling fresh can be challenging, so I thought I'd share a few tricks I've learned while traveling for work, from some of the coolest, confident women I know.

1.  Get your hair off of your neck.

There's a reason requests for the latest short haircut increase over the summer. Lightening up the layer on your head is a guaranteed way to stay cooler. Tying longer hair in a knot on your head, or back in a ponytail will accomplish much of the same thing. Not well versed in the art of the updo?

Beautiful summer scarves for updos




This summer's magic trick is the reinvention of the head scarf. Wrapping lightweight fabric against your scalp has two benefits. First, it hides lumps and bumps of a mediocre bun, and second, it helps to wick sweat out of your hair keeping it cleaner longer.

2. Coconut oil prevents excess sweat.

This tip came from a model I know in NYC. After showering she puts rubs coconut oil on all of the areas where she tends to sweat the most, like under her bra. It absorbs quickly, and creates a lightweight barrier to profuse moisture. It's antibacterial properties also reduces odor.

3. A natural fiber against your skin.

Most people know that natural fibers keep you cooler because they breathe, but, did you know wearing a natural fiber like cotton against your body when wearing a synthetic like polyester will keep you just as cool? While layers can sound unappealing, wearing something breathable like a cotton camisole, allows the heat to escape from your body, bringing down your inner temp.

Jill Alexander in luxurious silk and viscose.  Natural fibers for plus size


4. Let go of the body part you're constantly trying to cover.

Spend a day with me and you'll hear nearly every woman, every age, every shape and size look in the mirror and worry that her “ugliest” body part is showing. Whether it's her lumpy knees, or UADD, (underarm single dangle), she wants it covered in fabric. One way to become more comfortable with those areas is to expose them and see what happens. You see, often times, we see ourselves as little pieces that we either like or dislike. When others see us, they see the whole package, the overall look. Don't believe me? Think about the way you look at other women. Are you looking at individual body parts, or do you see a well dressed woman and think, wow she looks great! So go sleeveless, wear the short skirt, receive the compliments. It will help you to embrace your whole body, (and stay cooler with less fabric).

5. Use red lipstick on dark circles instead of concealer.

I know this is a crazy one, but, it works! Choose a tone from pink to deep red depending on your skin tone. The lighter the skin, the lighter the red. The color red neutralizes the black and gray from dark circles, and today's lipsticks are made with the best moisturizers for the delicate skin of the lips. Using this trick under a light foundation or tinted moisturizer will keep your face looking bright and camera ready all day despite the temperature.

Conceal dark circles with red lipstick.

WARNING: Do not use a long wear or 12 hour lipstick. The stain in these lip colors will not blend out with your foundation, and you will look like an angry raccoon

5. Stay hydrated.

Common sense that bears repeating. Water loss is amplified in the summer months, and replacing it is imperative to keep your body’s cooling system in good operating condition. There are so many great flavored water options now, packed full of vitamins and electrolytes that drinking enough water is easier than it used to be.

What are your tricks for looking cool on hot summer days?

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