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My Favorite Health Hacks for Women Over 40

JILL Alexander

One thing I used to love about having the stores was the wealth of information that was shared among women about everything from relationships, to raising kids, and going through menopause. It was so nice to hear from other women about conquering different challenges, and get first hand advice on what they found successful.
After having a total hysterectomy in 2021, I noticed a huge shift in so many things in my body. My emotional health, my brain, and my overall physical well being was not the same. Since I no longer had a vast community of women to interrogate, I hit the books. I've done a lot of research on the power of health related supplements that help boost your immune system, brain power, etc. and thought I'd share the info with you below.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor is any of this medical advice. Consider me a friend telling you about my journey and what I've tried and what I've found works for me. I am not making claims that you will have the same results. Only a doctor can make those claims. Also, as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases, but, I ONLY recommend things I have personally used and that I really like. That said, here we go!

#1.  Quecertin

I read about this supplement at the onset of the Pandemic. I didn't really try it right away, until I was exposed to the virus by a close friend. I decided to try it to stave off the possibility getting full blown COVID. I never ended up having symptoms.

When my daughter caught COVID in New York, I sent her some. She seemed to think it helped reduce her symptoms, pretty dramatically. Since then, I started taking them whenever I travel, get a sniffle or scratchy throat. I feel like these little gummies have kept me healthy every winter, and work great to minimize any gobbley gooks that may have gotten through. I have them on autoship and my whole family takes them regularly.


#2  Phosphatadyl Serine

Don’t ask me to pronounce thiss. After my hysterectomy last year, I felt like a shadow of the person I was before. One of my faculties heavily impacted was my memory. I've heard so many women complain about this issue as they head into menopause, but, never realized how truly debilitating it was. I read about this supplement Phosphatadyl Serine that optimizes brain health, especially memory, intercellularly. They've even been successful using it with Alheimer's patients. It has also been attributed to reducing anxiety. I can report that after taking it for two weeks, my husband and I noticed a huge difference in not only our memory, but, our stress levels. I take 300mg per day and can tell you first hand it has made a significant difference for me.



#3 Focus Factor

The second faculty severely affected by my surgery was my focus. I went from being a multi tasker that could accomplish a list of 15 tasks in a day, to a woman who struggled to complete two items in a 12 hour period. The drastically affected my work. Not wanting to resort to drugs, I researched supplements that would stimulate focus. I tried several, and Focus Factor was the one that really made a noticeable difference for me. I take one dose of this one everyday too.



#4 Bondi Boost

I have had thin hair my entire life, but, with the change in estrogen in my body, I experienced significant hair loss. I found Bondi Boost from a friend, (whose hair I complimented), and she recommended it. I love the way it makes my scalp feel. It contains peppermint oil that stimulates the hair follicles. The conditioner feels luxe without being heavy. I started only washing my hair twice a week, so I needed a conditioner that wouldn’t make my hair look greasy. I found this combo worked so well that I started using the hair mask, protective spray, and serum as well. I’ve noticed quite a difference in my hair.



#5  Coconut Oil Skin Food

Dry skin is a BIG problem during menopause. Your skin is also your largest organ, so anything you put on it is absorbed into your body. The thing I love about using coconut oil on my skin other than the silky smooth skin, is that it creates a great barrier for other things I put on my skin like make up, sunscreen, etc. It makes me feel better knowing that all of those chemicals are not being completely absorbed into my system. My favorite is the Skin Food by All Good. It is absorbed quickly and doesn't leave a greasy or sticky residue, just soft, supple skin. Side note, it also can be used anywhere on your body. If you're going through the "change", you know what I mean. 


#6  Ultra Mag Magnesium
By now you've probably read about the awesome affects of magnesium on the body, but did you know there were five different types? Each type is beneficial for a different function in the body. There are types that help with sleep, inflammation, heart health, etc. and knowing which type helps what can be confusing. Ultra Mag has all the different magnesiums together with B6 for absorption so that your body can reap all the benefits of this important mineral.

I hope these little tips help you in some way. Let me know in the comments below if you struggle with any of these issues, or if you've found anything that helps you. I'm always looking for solutions!

Be well and enjoy!


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  • Denise on

    Jill this is such a great idea! I’ve missed dropping into the store for your beautiful clothes and your wonderful advice! I thought I wouldn’t be able to shop online but you make it so easy. When I see it on you, I know how it will fit me and now with all of the links to your advice, I’ll have that handled too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Denise Castro

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