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I Have the Greatest Idea!

JILL Alexander

 Hi lovelies!

It's been a minute!! I've missed you all terribly, and so much has happened since closing our brick and mortars. Although we've kept the brand and the website active, so many of you have messaged me about how much you miss the stores. You've said things about missing the conversations, the connectivity with other women, the advice and information exchange, and frankly so do I! It was my favorite thing about having my back office in the store, and honestly some of my best ideas originated from those conversations.

Recently, I was asked to review some products and share them with my readers. I told the manufacturers, that I could only do so if it was something I would use myself. recommendations. I've checked out so many things now, and I really didn't feel like anything was something great or even necessary.

It was then, I came up  with the idea that I would start using my blog to communicate with all of you, and recreate some of the discussions that would happen in the stores. Talks about the latest and the greatest products, a wonderful book you read, advice you tried, pep talks, and things that are helpful to women over 40 navigating changes in their lives. I'm hoping the conversation flows back and forth. I don't want it just to be my advice or experience, I really want you to chime in with yours so that other women can benefit from all of our knowledge.

The last two years have been a ride and I've had lots of different experiences that I want to talk about, and I hope you do too.

The best way to be notified when I have a new discussion up is to scroll down the the subscribe section and enter your info. I have never and will never share your info with anyone. If that doesn't suit you, you can always follow our Facebook page @jillalexanderdesigns where I will be posting links to any new blogs.

It feels great to know we'll be talking again!



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