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Five Modern Ways to Style a Blazer for Any Shape

JILL Alexander

I remember the very first blazer I ever bought on my own. I was fresh out of college and working in management for Ann Taylor. Once per season, we would receive a 50% discount to encourage us to buy the latest and the greatest. I had my eyes on a hunter green silk suit. It felt like butter and made me feel so professional. It basically cost half a month's pay, even with my discount but there was something about that jacket I was obsessed with.

It was that blazer that launched my creativity with fashion. I wanted to wear it all of the time, but as someone who was in front of staff and repeat customers all of the time, I needed to change up my outfits frequently. I was also a merchandiser so finding new combinations of looks was my job. It was not long before I was able to convince staff and clients alike to think out of the box when it came to this wardrobe essential. Fast forward 30+ years and a pandemic later, and I will still tell you a blazer can be such a work horse in your closet. For those of you who are thinking blazers are frumpy and out-of-date, check out the suggestions below.

(Below each photo are links to buy the products photographed if you want to recreate the look. The pieces that are not part of my website are linked securely to a website where you can purchase that item.  As an Amazon Affiliate, we may earn commissions on qualifying products.)


 Nothing says classically casual like a blazer worn over a sweater. This look has been around for decades and stands the test of time. To keep this look modern, pair it with a fitted, lightweight sweater. Body positivity is always in style, and being able to see your silhouette is a must to avoid frumpy, dated dressing. I always tell my ladies that when you wear clothes that don't touch your body, you aren't disguising anything, you are actually adding volume because the eye just assumes you're filling in all the space underneath. It's much more flattering to wear clothing that follows your shape. Hourglass, triangle and rectangle will like this the most.

Get the look:

Blazer: I'm wearing size Large

Sweater; I'm wearing size Large

Gold Druzy Necklace

Belt: I'm wearing the 90cm

Booties: I'm wearing size 10

Athleisure is all the rage and I believe here to stay. Who doesn't love being comfortable? While I have no qualms running errands in a tee and leggings, it just doesn't look very put together. Tossing a blazer over the top really creates a moment to portray your individual style. It creates a fashion forward look and shows that you thought about your outfit. All shapes can wear this look, but, it's especially great on an apple.

Get this look:

Blazer: I'm wearing size Large

Leggings: I'm wearing size 1X

Tee: I'm wearing XL

Converse Slip On Shoes I'm wearing size 10

 Add a pop of color and a finishing touch to your favorite black outfit. Wearing monochromatic pieces under a blazer elongates the body as the eye travels from the shoulders to the feet. A blazer is the perfect topper for this look because it's refined, and not heavy keeping the modern feel of a monochromatic silhouette. Blingy gold jewelry elevates the look even more, taking it from day to evening. Super for hourglass, triangle and rectangle.

Blazer: I'm wearing size Large

Stretch Button Up Blouse: I'm wearing 1X (more colors available)

Faux leather leggings: I'm wearing size XL

Pouf Handbag

Strappy Sandals

Rockstar Curvy Blazer look for women over forty.

We don't call it the Rockstar Blazer for nothing! When I thought about adding a blazer to our spring collection, and envisioned all of the different ways it could be worn, I was most excited with the idea of styling it for concerts. The hubs and I love to go to local outdoor concerts in the spring and summer. Dressing for them can be a chore with warmer days cooling off with breezy nights. A blazer is the perfect piece of outerwear for concert season and literally is so cute with a concert tee underneath! (I collect one from every concert I go to). I've seen this look pulled of with shorter shorts, and a little heel as well. The length of the shorts is up to you. I would say a good rule of thumb is the shorter the leg, the shorter the short. You can choose anything from distressed denim like mine, to a more tailored walking short. Your look will still feel contemporary. Great on literally every body shape.

Blazer: I'm wearing size Large for reference

Concert tee: (You've got to go to the concert, and I promise, it's a GREAT show!)

Shorts: I'm wearing size Large

Earrings: I wear these constantly

Style a blazer with a silky camisole, sexy look for women over 40.

Soft and feminine. Wearing silky camisole and a light pant is a great way to add a feminine touch to a boyfriend blazer. The juxtaposition of very fluid top with a more structured jacket gives the outfit balance and interest. The addition of a white pant takes the blazer into warmer months. Don't forget to pop a great light colored bag with this ensemble. Great on apples, rectangles and triangles.

Blazer: I'm wearing size Large

Camisole: I'm wearing the 1X

White Hardshell Clutch


As always, I hope this blog inspired you to revisit your closet and maybe create some new looks defining your personal style. I want getting dressed in the morning to be something you look forward to and a way to express your individual personality. I hope you leave a comment in the notes below and let me know what you think. I always want to provide you with the most helpful and entertaining content, and be a positive addition to your day, so let me know if you'd like to see more blogs like this one.

Take care and remember, no matter what you wear....You.Are.Beautiful.


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  • Winnie on

    Love this Jill! I have a blazer I love and never thought about wearing it with athletic wear or shorts. I am also buying that green on because its such a great color. LOVE what your doing girl! Keep it up!

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