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Hold on for One More Day and Our 6 Year Anniversary

Jill Alexander

 A few years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to dress Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips for the red carpet.  I had always been a fan and many of their songs from the 80’s became part of my life.  Meeting her was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  She had just gotten back from a concert in Orlando and was rushing around taping voice overs for commercial work, getting her kids lives in order, perfecting cheesecake recipes for a line she was producing, and in between all of that, standing still so I could fit her for her charity engagement that evening. We shared a heart to heart conversation how we were both better being busy and how often it keeps us from focusing on our problems.  When you’re a woman who is there, motivating other women, sometimes the challenge is self-care when you are struggling.   

I will be honest, 2020 has been off to a rocky start for me personally.  Other than several personal issues, I had a major health scare that took a long time to figure out.  While I was waiting on results and having all kinds of testing, I also needed to find a way to continue my work in building other women up. It was then I really realized how special the space we’ve created has become.  Just when I was feeling I couldn’t take anymore, someone would walk in with flowers, or stop in just to give me a hug without even knowing I was going through anything.  My staff was totally there for me and covered for me whenever I needed a break.  The Wilson Phillips song, “Hold on for one more day” has become my mantra.   I recently received the good news that my condition is treatable and am having surgery in a few weeks to rectify my problem.  I am beyond grateful but can’t help but think of all the women just like me who must keep going despite facing devastating news.  It’s not easy and I believe more than ever, we need places where we can be surrounded by other women and related to. 

Therefore this Saturday; February 29 will be our biggest Anniversary celebration to date.  In the six years that we’ve had the store, we have turned it into a safe place for women to share, care, shop, laugh, and embrace.  It means more to me today than ever so I’m pulling out all the stops. 

Drop by this Saturday between 10 and 6 and enjoy wonderful food, fizzy drinks, special discounts, a raffle, and the camaraderie that only women can share.  Let us know if you’re stopping in so we make sure we have enough goodies for everyone.  Thank you for giving us six wonderful years.

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  • Michelle A Swanson-Calhoun on

    Thank you for always being vulnerable and sharing such a personal part of you. I feel like we are close old friends and we have never hung out (outside your store). LOL
    I am so happy to hear you found a solution to your health scare!!
    I am flying in from Vegas Saturday afternoon and i hope i make it over the hill on time to pop in!! Congratulation on 6 years!!

  • Stephanie Sears on

    Six years! WOW! It speaks volumes in today’s world, Small business really needs the support of community, and you certainly have mine. I love shopping in your store. I am glad to hear that you are getting the care for your health issue- Stay Strong, know you are an inspiration! See you Saturday- Cheers!

  • Susan Cochran on

    I’d already planned to come shopping on Saturday. Now I have even more of a reason. Congratulations on your 6 years, and continue putting one foot in front of the other!

  • Stephanie MUccia on

    Congratulations on your 6 years🎉 you have created a beautiful place and Inviroment for women to shop. You’re always helping people feel beautiful💕 I hope to see you Saturday.

  • Cindy Basile on

    Sounds like fun and
    I wish I could be there but left today for a wedding in Cincinnati. I have all my beautiful outfits packed and can’t wait to wear them. Jill, I never knew you going through so much because you’re always smiling and laughing. Proof that we are stronger than we realize. Take care of yourself and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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