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Don't Wait For Tomorrow

Jill Alexander body positivity over 40 plus size style You are Beautiful

When I first started this business in 2011, I gave my sister a wrap dress from one of my first collections.  It was yellow, her favorite color, and had the greatest teal and brown graphic print.  When I gave her the dress, she was thrilled.  I could tell when she put it on that she felt really beautiful.  She was at a weight that she was not happy with, so the variety and selection of clothing she had to choose from didn’t bring her joy.  I was glad to see the dress did.

She lost over five dress sizes and her dress still fit her.

Fast forward six years later, and my sister’s body has had a major change.  She was a size 22, and now she is a size 12.  She sent me a photo the other day with the dress that I gave her back in 2011.  She had it on, and it still fit her. She changed over five dress sizes and the dress still fit!  It just made me think of something I hear so often from customers.  They walk in, see colors and styles that they love, but, they don’t want to commit to buy anything until they reach a certain weight or specific size.  As a woman, your body was designed to fluctuate.  It’s a silly “punishment” that we give ourselves for a number on a scale or in our clothing.

I have a theory on this and I have witnessed this first hand.   When you feel beautiful on the outside, you take better care of yourself on the inside.  You walk a little taller, you smile a little bigger, and you treat yourself a little more carefully.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, you owe it to yourself to feel beautiful everyday.  Treat yourself with the same love and respect you show your best friend, your daughter, your mother.

P.S.  Thank you Keri for letting me share this story and a part of your journey.

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  • Josette Nauenberg on

    I love your designs, but for myself I need a more midi length.
    Do you ever consider having your designs in that longer style?

  • Deborah Parcel on

    Hi Jill,
    The dress is beautiful and so is the story, but somehow I feel the need to comment on how sassy that new haircut is on your Sis. Thanks for sharing her story. Reminds me I am due to see you again.


  • Gwen on

    Your sister looks beautiful in both photos, and I love the dress! I have a plum colored wrap dress I purchased from you last year and I really like it.

    I agree with your thought – its important to take care of yourself and wear things that make you feel good. I know I am not exactly the shape I want to be right now, but when I wear something I really enjoy, it lifts me up.

  • Michelle Swanson-Calhoun on

    I love this message! I totally relate to punishing myself by not buying clothes until I lost weight… I would wear ill fitting clothes that looked horrible on me which in turn made ME feel horrible. I also have never been one to try on clothes outside my norm…until I met Jill and her amazing staff.
    I moved to Santa Cruz county and looked up what stores sold plus sizes in the area and JA was THE ONLY ONE! It also turned out it is only a 5 minute walk from my house! I ventured in one day and Jill and Chelsea greeted me with open arms and cajoled me into trying on pretty much everything in the store. I was floored that I loved so many pieces of clothing that I would NEVER have thought about trying on. Also, Jill, thank you for your encouragement and uplifting words of wisdom and helping me to shatter old negative ideas that do not serve me. No matter what size you are…do yourself a favor and check out one of the shops!! Trust me. <3

  • Kim Johnson on

    Such a great story Jill. The thing I love about you the most is the way you make every woman feel about themselves! You are such a positive person and I am so lucky to know you! And of course, you have a fabulous selection of clothes in that store of yours! I hope to stop by and see you soon!

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