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Nothing Went According to Plan. Gratefully.

Jill Alexander

When you are young, you are taught to have a plan for your life. Everyone is constantly asking you what you want to be when you grow up. When I was young, I don’t ever remember answering fashion designer. It wasn’t like this big dream I had.  I mean, I’ve always loved fashion but I never thought of making it a career when I was younger. I loved picking out my outfits for school, school shopping, and getting dressed up for events. My first jobs were in fashion because that’s what I knew. When I was in college I worked for Jay Jacobs and some other retail locations to make ends meet. After I graduated with a speech communications degree, and a minor in biology I went to work for Ann Taylor, one of my favorite stores. It was like second nature to me really until I decided what it was I was going to do. I loved my job and I knew I was instinctively good at it and I never really looked for another kind of career because I just enjoyed what I was doing.

When I would attend family and social functions, people would brag about the advances their children were making in their careers and education. When they found out I had gone into retail, there was almost a look of sympathy on their face as if I somehow failed at life. It never really bothered me, because I was happy and taking care of myself.

When I went back to school at 40, to reinvent my career, it was daunting. My only plan was to learn the design end of the business and then figure out what to do. Classes were invigorating the second time around. I had such an energy to learn all that I could. That passion opened up so many doors for me without even knocking.

You see I never set out to start my own brand, open two retail locations, run a website, and consult on three other fashion labels. “The plan” was originally so many other things I thought I should do. Instead of following the path that would lead to an impressive resume, I followed the path that brought me joy. Our hearts will take us to unbelievable places when we learn to focus on what makes us happy.

This Sunday, February 25, we will be celebrating fours years at our Scotts Valley location and all of our beautiful clients that have helped make this life possible. I hope you’ll stop in and celebrate with us!


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  • Cynthia on

    Jill, good morning! I see by the beauty of store in Scott’s Valley, the fabulous personal service I received as I was shopping for an event in the city, (I received many compliments on my pale pink jacket!?), how easily one item can build a wardrobe, you definitely followed your calling!! I for one am so glad you did! Blessings on you!

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