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Five Wardrobe Pieces You Deserve to Replace

Jill Alexander

The New Year is a great time to let go of what isn't serving you, and wardrobe pieces are no exception. Here are five easy updates that will leave you feeling better instantly. 

1.  The Lumpy Black Sweater

You know the one, it's covered in pills, and the sleeves are so stretched out it covers your hands making them look like paws. This sweater is not your friend.  Although it feels comfortable, it's not doing your body any favors and adds bulk to your overall frame  

Replace with a soft and comfortable top in a fine gauge knit that follows the lines of your silhouette.  A long sleeve that's stops at the wrist or just above lengthens your arms and elongates your wrist.  One alternative is our black jersey wrap top.

2.  Droopy distressed denim

Yes, its about the woman and not the clothing, but when you lead with something that steals the show, (and not in a good way), seeing the woman is a challenge. 

Opt instead for smooth lines, in a solid color. A  tapered pant with some stretch built into the fabric is still comfortable yet tailored.  Our Pull On Jegging in denim is a great alternative. 

3.  An ill-fitting coat. 

Those buttons are never going to line up. It's not your body, it's the coat so let it go. It doesn't feel good and it doesn't look good either. 

Replace it with a cozy duster. Choose a shape that skims the body, but won't look bulky with layers underneath. 

4.  The oversized sweatshirt

Leggings are comfortable and will probably always be part of our culture, but, you're not doing yourself any favors wearing them with a giant sweatshirt that you pull over your knees. This makes your legs look short, and your torso look huge. 

Instead, choose a tunic that's meant to hit mid thigh. It won't look bulky and will keep your frame in the correct proportions. 

5.  Beat up boots

Theyve been with you for several seasons and now it's time for a rest. There are comfortable options out there. 

Choosing something with a block heel keeps the comfort but adds a little style. Zappo's is one of our favorite places to shop for shoes. You can order several styles to try, and like us, they offer free return shipping, so send back any you don't want. 

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