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The Best Laid Plans

Jill Alexander

When I was a child, I somehow became infatuated with UCLA. I don’t remember how or why but I wanted to be a Bruin so badly.  By the time I was in high school, I had UCLA stickers all over everything and just knew that was where I was going to school.  My senior year, I started to fill out applications.  I brought the applications to my parents for the application fees and my mom told me that I could apply to state schools only. My heart sunk. She told me I could transfer after two years if I still wanted to go to UCLA.  I thought my life was over. I couldn’t imagine waiting another two years to go that school.  I was so upset, I ripped up all of my applications except for one. I would apply to San Diego State.  It was far enough away from Orange County, several of my friends were applying there, and they had my major.  I couldn’t believe that something I wanted so badly and for so long, was not going to happen.

I ended up graduating from San Diego State. I never transferred.  I met my husband, and the love of my life because I was there.  We have two amazing children because I was there.  I had the support to start this life changing business, because I was there. The best things in my life happened because I ended up in San Diego.  My devastation became the greatest gift I’ve ever known. 

I’ve learned to trust the process. Whenever I do everything in my power to make something happen, and it doesn’t, I know that there is something better that’s meant to be, and it never fails me.  

As this business grows and flourishes, and we take on new ventures, there is excitement and disappointment.  With every effort we make there is an opportunity for something greater. This is the one big, beautiful life you get. Say yes, try hard, and all of the rest will fall into place exactly as it should. 

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  • Janice Susan Stevens on

    Jill you are an inspiration to all ladies. I just love your story. I feel everything happens for a reason. You turned your devastation into something positive. The first time I shopped in your Los Gatos, Ca. boutique Dec. 2018, you and your staff were very friendly and acknowledged myself, daughter and mother-in-law the minute you stepped into the shop. Everyone was extremely helpful and helped me find exactly what I was looking for long sweater dusters in several different colors. I have been in the shop multiple times since Dec. 2019. I always walk away with something beautiful. Thanks for all the beautiful comfortable clothe for us curvy ladies.

  • Ellen Pifer on

    What was your major? I think it was writing!

  • Steph Hohmann on

    I can’t tell you enough how much you make me feel like I’m not alone and that sometimes bad things happen to everyone but only to find out it was for the best! You are a pretty cool chick! I hope you know that!

  • Andrea Flint-Gogek on

    I am so glad that SDSU was your school! I would have never met you and Ernie! I love and adore you both….watching you now is so fun! You are a force to be reckoned with. What a wonderful life you have Jill Alexander!

  • Julie Earnest on

    Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you so very much for the lovely clothing! It was a pleasure to meet you last week and I look forward to being a long-time customer.

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