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Life after 40: Carri Ann Inaba embraces her changing body.

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Perusing my Facebook feed is morning I came along this “Live with Kelly” video.  I never usually see this show because I’m working during the broadcast and have too many regular series to catch up on in the evenings.  The title “Carrie Ann Inaba embraces her belly” had me intrigued as I meet so many women every day that are so ashamed of their belly and other parts of their bodies.  Kelly and Carrie started discussing a woman’s changing body after she hits 40, and had a good laugh poking fun at themselves.  I was happy to see two slender celebrities sharing similar noticeable natural body changes.  I feel as though women in the media are in the position to empower every woman watching to feel like we are all on the same team.

Most women I meet on a daily basis have some complaint about their bodies, no matter her size, no matter her age.  Back fat, tummy rolls, ugly knees, and UADD (underarm dingle dangle) are phrases I constantly hear.  Some women look in the mirror and that’s all that they can see.  They totally miss all of the beautiful features people actually notice because they’re busy picking themselves apart.

While I feel Carrie and Kelly were picking themselves apart, I think it was empowering for female viewers watching who may feel alone or ashamed.  We are all in this together and need remind one another how beautiful we are.

Body positivity for women: Carri Ann Inaba embraces her changing over 40 body

See video here

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