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Fall Wardrobe Mainstays for Every Size

Jill Alexander

Do you have staples in your pantry? Olive oil, salt, pepper, eggs, etc. Things you can usually count on having that help to construct nearly every recipe? The same goes with wardrobe staples. These go to items in your closet that help to construct dozens of outfits. These are my three faves for Fall. Our classic jegging looks like a fitted trouser with the comfort of a legging. Travels insane, and can be worn with tunics, tees, blazers, short dresses, and on and on and on. Our stretch cotton blouse has enough shape to be worn under jackets, open over T-shirts, and even tied over a sleeveless dress. Then there’s the denim jacket. I have yet to think of a place this can’t go, and ours is uber stretchy. This is a great time to do a closet check up and make sure you have staples on hand for all of your fall outfit recipes!

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