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Valentine's is all about love, not just romantic love

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Every Valentine's day, we are flooded with images, messages and commercials showing us the "perfect" Valentine's Day gift from someone who loves us.  The person depicted is usually setting up a one of kind romantic scenario to surprise their significant other, and it leaves us all wanting that for ourselves, or dreaming of the kind of person that would do that for us.  I have a special challenge for you this February 14.  While you acknowledge all the people in your life whom you love, include yourself in that equation.

One kind of love that you rarely hear about on Valentine's Day is self love.  As women, we are quick to point out every flaw we see in ourselves.  If you ask a woman to point out the things she likes best about herself, it takes her much longer than if you ask her to point out areas she doesn't care for.   What if you could look in the mirror every morning and not want to change one single thing about yourself?  What if you could look at every "imperfection" as part of the journey to become a beautiful human with a wonderful story.  What if you could show yourself the same love and affection that you so freely shower on others?

Everyday I meet women who feel guilty spending money on themselves.  "So and so has a birthday coming" and ,"I have no business spending money on myself", are common mantras.  We tend to do the same thing when it comes to taking time for ourselves, putting things we want to do off, until we take care of everyone else's needs first.  It is not selfish to buy yourself something you really want.  It is not selfish to carve out some time for yourself.  It is not selfish to meet your own needs.  I'm not saying only think of yourself, I'm just saying put yourself in the queue.  When you include yourself in your love circle, the opinions of others matter less, you gain the confidence to try new things, and life gets just a little more exciting.

This Valentine's Day, be sure to show yourself a little love too.

Take a moment to appreciate how awesome you are!

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