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New Year, New Closet Part Two

Jill Alexander

Make sure that your closet contains mix and match basics.


Now that we're half way through the month, hopefully you've jumped in and started to filter out some of the unnecessary things from your life, (as well as your closet).

Once you've weeded through all of the freeloaders, the ill-fitting, the orphans, and anything that doesn't fit, you might be left with a wardrobe that you're not sure what to fill in with.

My theory on your wardrobe is that it should be functional and coordinate, creating a variety of looks that can be timeless and come together for a classic, yet updated look.  The key here is the cluster. 

 A  clothing “cluster” is a core group of five to eight pieces that work together.  For instance, a wrap with tones of gray, wine and navy, coordinating with a wine pencil skirt or a navy pant.  Maybe cluster this with a navy lace top , or long sleeved wrap top in wine.  The idea here is you can grab a cluster and go.  You know it will work well, be flattering and comfortable.

 Look at your closet with an eye to forming several clusters from your existing pieces.  If you have several pieces from us, you know this has always been one of our founding principles.  It’s timeless, it will work with future lines that you purchase from.

 The main organizing key is color, not season or style.  Group similar-colored garments together and think about your cluster.  What can you add to it that will work and what is my style?  A stay-at-home mom might cluster her jeans with a v-neck tee or and a five-way-wrap.

 Thinking “cluster” simplifies the process of buying clothes too. You won’t buy based on making an outfit.  That’s how you get in the position of having a closet stuffed with clothes and nothing to wear.  The more you add to the cluster the more you can wear a garment several different ways. 


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