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Sneaky? Yes! Necessary? Absolutely!

Jill Alexander

Last week when I was working at our new Los Gatos, CA retail location, I was helping to style a woman who was so excited to find our brand. I was explaining the difference in our fit, and the reason we made certain design choices and she told me that my boss should give me a raise!

I don’t usually tell people who I am until I’m backed into a corner, and so I felt it was necessary to tell her who I was.

She yelled, “Jill?! THE JILL?! Why didn’t you say so?”

I explained to her that the reason I like to help customers one on one is to get honest feedback on how things are feeling/fitting, and that if she knew who I was, she may not share any negative feedback that would help us make improvements in future styles.

We listen. We are successful because of your suggestions.

No, I’m not talking about the suggestion to put pockets in everything that fits below the waist! Day after day I watch every size and shape woman stand in front of the mirror and complain about the width of their hips or the girth in their tummy. Then in the next breath, they’re begging me to put pockets in the next version so that they can load them up with a phone the size of a laptop and God knows what else!

The answer to that request is still “no”…..sorry. Carry a purse.

I’m talking about the kinds of suggestions that come as women try things on and say, “ I wish this had…”
When I hear the same thing from various women, we make a change in the next version, but, a change that will suit as many different body styles as possible.

One comment that we hear all the time is, “I love all of the color, but, I’m not sure how to wear anything but black”

This is where our style boards come in! From season to season, we are dedicated to producing designs in colors and shapes that work with pieces in past seasons so that you can constantly update the things you love. Our style boards are size friendly and work for both missy and plus size. We will also share with you suggestions for different body shapes like hourglass, triangle, apple, rectangle, or inverted triangle if you’d rather shop that way.

The bottom line is we want to hear from you. Everyone in the company that interacts with our retail clientele is trained to style you. They are our best source for questions or for resolving fit challenges.

If you are not near one of our two retail store locations, we are happy to address any questions through email at :

We hope that you will reach out to us with your struggles, (they help us to grow), or your compliments, (they get everyone excited).  We honestly want to provide a very personal experience for every customer!

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  • Kari Tubbs on

    What an amazing business you have created.♡
    Kari Boothroyd

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