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More than a door, more than a store

Jill Alexander

You are beautiful Jill Alexander Women's Clothing Los Gatos, California

Four days ago, we had the incredible experience of opening our second Jill Alexander store in Los Gatos, California. When we were designing this store we took cues from what was successful the past two years in our Scotts Valley store.

One phrase find ourselves using daily with our customers is, “You are beautiful.” You can tell by the way women respond to that phrase that they don’t hear it often enough. I knew with a busier location in Los Gatos, that we may not be able to have as much interaction with our customers so I decided to make it part of a silent greeting they would receive when they entered our store.

I had no idea of the effect it would have on people passing by.

We first noticed the phenomenon the Saturday before our Grand Opening right after we put the words on our door. People were stopping in their tracks and looking in wondering what we were.

A mother walked up with her young daughter and asked her to read the door.
“You. Are. Beautiful.”, the young girl said. “You are.” , said the mother.

Chills ran over my arms.

The next day, a group of middle school aged girls were walking by and one of the girls walked straight up to the door as if it were human and said, “Thank you door!!!”

A little while later, a husband and wife from India were passing by. The husband stopped the wife in front of the door and took her picture.

Since then, we have had the privilege of watching so many people interact with those three simple words on our door. I’ve always known how powerful those words could be when they were spoken, but, to silently watch how equally powerful they are written was something I never expected.

We will be posting photos of our new door on all of our social media channels.
I’m hopeful that you will experience how powerful those three words can be. Share them with someone who needs to hear them by tagging them in our post, or better yet bring them by one of our stores, and we will remind them too!

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